“Walk-to-Run or Walk/Run” in September Fitness Challenge

Don’t start the New Year feeling like you’re starting over! Let’s face it, the holidays aren’t a good time for weight loss. In fact, most people gain some weight during the holidays, in the area of 5 – 10 pounds, with 5 pounds being the average. Although 5 pounds doesn’t seem to be all that much, it’s these small increases that tend to accumulate into something we later can’t burn off. One pound is a lot to loose never mind five. Additionally, gaining weight in such a short time is very unhealthy and can also be very hard to later burn off.

You can enjoy the holidays without gaining extra weight. Join me for this challenge and during next two months in committing to burning more calories that you consume, by performing this walk-to-run or walk challenge (staying active), clean eating, hydrating with water, eating healthy snacks and by enjoying your holiday meal without going overboard.

Let’s start a “pre” – new year’s resolution that this year you’ll try to squeeze in a little exercise during the holidays, stay active, and avoid overeating. In doing this, no matter what the average weight gain during the holidays turn up to be this year, you’ll be well below it.

Let’s do this together!

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Retired Army Officer and Certified Fitness Instructor & Personal trainer.
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