Toddler Hair Regimen

Deja’s Hair Regimen

One of my most FAQ is “…Cutie, my young daughter is natural and I trying really hard not to chemically change her hair. Do you have any recommendations for caring for my daughter’s hair?”

Yes, yes, yes I have a solution for your.  Take a look at my home girl, classmate and “hair twin” Dianne Malone’s simple, yet very effective toddler’s hair regimen.

Cutie:  “Do you enjoy caring for and maintaining Deja’s hair?”

Dianne: ” Yes! I enjoy doing her hair.  It’s never a chore. Her twist can look a hot mess during the week sometimes, but I’m all about low manipulation, so re-doing her edges, moisturizing and ‘up- in- a- bun’ (style) is my rescue system.”

Read on to learn more about Dianna’s simple toddler hair regimen:

by Dianne H. Malone
My toddler daughter Deja is almost three (3) years LC. Toddlers with 4b – 4c texture hair can grow. It’s not about having “good breed.”  It’s about implementing a proper hair care and simple hair regimen.  This is how it’s done:

Deja’s Hair Regimen
(Done in sections):

  1. Pre-po with coconut oil
  2. Wash with OYIN honey wash
  3. Condition with Giovanni Deep Conditioner
  4. T-shirt blot
  5. Apply leave-in
  6. Twist with Shea Butter

**Repeat this every 4 weeks**

Routine Tasks:

  1. Oil scalp daily with Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO).
  2. Moisturize daily with water spritz, shea butter and oyin burnt sugar.
  3. At two (2) weeks post twist: cowash, apply leave in and re-twist edges.
  4. Her ends are also dusted (trimmed) when needed.

Note: “I discovered that her edges are sensitive to cornrows, so I don’t cornrow her edges often. Two-strand twists are my go-to staple style.  Since this past summer, I’ve only use a comb in her hair to make parts or straight lines.  I also finger detangle her hair only; no comb.”

Do you have a question for Dianne? Please ask her or comment below.  Hope this helps.


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