Pics of My CurlFriends

Products used:
Beverley:  Black Soap Shampoo, Deep Conditioner Moisture Magic, Smooth Shea Butter Mix

Charon:  Black Soap Shampoo, Smooth Shea Butter Mix, Cantu Curling Cream


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Retired Army Officer and Certified Fitness Instructor & Personal trainer.
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One Response to Pics of My CurlFriends

  1. Beverley Browne-Hines says:

    I’ve been natural for 16 1/2 months and have used several products to maintain my natural curls. By far, Cutie’s system is the best hair care combo I’ve use to date! The moisture/protein balance achieved this , her products is the right combination for my hair. After Many,many months of pleading with her to package her recipe, she finally did and I am forever greatful . Thank you Ms. NaturallyFitQt!

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