HAIR TIP #4 – Pre-poo Before You Shampoo!

Would you like to have softer, smoother and manageable tresses in the shower on your shampoo days?  Then pre-conditioning, pre-softening and moisturizing is the solution!  As my hair experienced growth and length, I soon discovered that gone were the days of  my teenie weenie afro (TWA) where my fingers all but glided through my hair.

Ouch!  Suddenly, due to daunting task of having to detangle my hair, I found myself dreading my weekly wash day and often delayed washing my hair.  My day six hair was suddenly dry, huge and a tangled mess.

While video surfing a different topic on YouTube one day, I came a cross several YouTubers who all shared their pre-poo solutions for a gentler and manageable wash day.

Using products that I have on hand, I tweeked a few products, gave it a try and it worked! My dreaded wash days were over and I look forward to my weekly wash day with glee and joy.

Pre-pooing can be done with a single ingredient, i.e coconut oil (or castor oil) or a combination of ingredients (see picture below).  You will determine what’s right for your hair based on your hair needs (i.e protein, moisture or combo).  Whatever your choice, remember that healthy hair requires the right protein/moisture balance.  So if your hair is protein rich, there is no need to add additional protein ingredients to your pre-poo, focus on moisture and vice versa.

Pre-poo instructions:
Step 1:  Mix pre-poo mixture using your favorite oils  and/or slippery conditioner.  Again, use ingredients that you have at home which work well for your hair.

Step 2:  Part hair in 4 – 6 workable sections and spritz hair with water only or oil, vegetable glycerin and conditioner solution to soften and better manage hair.

Step 3: Apply pre-poo mixture to hair and let sit for 30 – 60 minutes (medium or high porosity hair) or over night (low porosity hair).

Step 4: Rinse well.

Step 5: Follow cleansing regimen of choice.  Click here to review my regimen.

pre-poo recipeHere is a great pre-poo (deep conditioning/moisture/protein recipe):

Here are some other pre-poo options.





Do you pre-poo on your shampoo days? If so, have you notice a difference?  Please share.


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