HAIR TIP #3 – Find Products That YOUR hair loves!

Curly Puff

Curly Puff

My definition of a great “qt” hair product is one that offer the best moisture, softness, shine and curl definition for my hair at a very affordable price. The truth is, not all products are created equal—regardless of the price. Therefore, it’s not safe to assume that a product recommended by your favorite NaturalSista will in fact work for your hair. Save yourself the unnecessary, stress, frustration and cash by thoroughly researching a product ingredients list. For example, I know that my hair loves water, shea butter, aloe vera, (oils, oils, oils—lol), panthenol, glycerin, wheat/soy protein, honey, vitamin e, apple cider vinegar, grape seed extract, flax seed, essential oils and CONES—to name a few. Therefore, during products selection, it is safe for me to assume that a product containing some or most of the ingredients above will be appreciated by my hair.

The style above was achieved using the products listed below:

Pre-poo: Trader Joe’s Nourish Spa and Extra Virgin Olive oil mixture
Shampoo: NaturallyFitQt Black Soap Cleansing Shampoo
Deep Conditioner: NaturallyFitQt Moisture Magic Deep Conditioner
Leave-in conditioner: NaturallyFitQt Moisture Magic Deep Conditioner
Sealer: NaturallyFitQt Smooth Shea butter
Curl Definer: Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera Gel

Photo 15I twisted my hair using youtuber Naptural85 flat twist/two strand twisting method on slight damp hair, then rolled into cinnamon rolls. I had a total of 26 rolls when finished.

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