HAIR Tip #2 – My $5.00 to $10.00 Rule

The natural hair community is big business! The sticker prices for some of the products available for sale today are ridiculous. When did the price of a curling cream or washout conditioner cost more than a healthy meal? As a fellow business owner, I applaud and embrace the business spirit of my colleagues. However, I’m against the over pricing of their products.

Healthy hair can be achieved by purchasing most of your products for under $10.00!!! I’m living proof.  I love mixing and combining products that softens, moisturizes and smooths my tresses.  With a little research, I formulated the rule to find excellent products between $5 – $10. If I purchase a product exceeding this cost, you best believe that it make my hair feel like butter!  I will share in a later post  those products I’ve found which fit this category.

 As an adult natural, I made the first mistake of purchasing a few pricey products. I was overwhelmed and failed to do my research.  Upon application, they didn’t work on my hair! Thankfully, my friends Viola, Delphine and Sheree told me to go to YouTube to view product and “how to” information. They saved my hair and pocket-book. Thanks.

Gel Activator

As a kid growing up in the islands, I spent all of my teens without a relaxer. After a botched relaxer job at age nine, my mom was furious with my cousin for applying a relaxer to my beautiful long tresses. It was then that I experienced my first big chop.  Mr. Casper, the local barber, cut my hair in a very low afro and gave me a fresh start.  Before long, I had a head full of healthy natural hair.  Consequently, the non-electric hot comb or ironing comb was my best friend! Ouch! I still recall my mother’s warning to ‘hold my ears’ and the few misses she had when she applied the overly hot comb to my hair. Ouch! The good old days. I miss them.

I witnessed my mom make coconut oil from scratch combined with castor oil and petroleum jelly to make a home-made hair pomade.  She grew aloe and made her own aloe vera shampoo. Back then I wondered why she didn’t use the store-bought products.  Mom was on to something. You cannot buy experience.  She is a smart woman.

Today, petroleum jelly and mineral oil get a negative rap but back then it grew my hair long and strong.  I believe there’s still a place for their use today.


What are your thought on the rising cost of natural hair products?  Can your hair tolerate products containing petroleum and mineral oil? Please share.

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