Hair Shedding

SheddingDuring my TWA phase, I experienced little to no hair loss but as my hair grew out I noticed an increase in the amount of hair loss during my weekly/biweekly washes.

Hair shedding is part of the normal hair growth cycle. The average person sheds 100-200 strands of hair per day. However, excess shedding or hair loss isn’t normal and is often a clear indicator that the body’s “thermostat” is off balance.  Triggers includes stress, poor diet & nutrition planning, medication, hormonal imbalance, illness, excessive sugar intake, environmental factors and menopause to name a few.

Excessive hair loss or shedding can be reduce by taking a few simple steps which includes, properly cleansing the scalp to fortify and encourage hair retention.  After all, the more hair I keep on my head, the more hair I’ll have to go through the natural hair growth cycle.  Right?!?

Here’s how I did it:

1. Ditch my denman brush and wide tooth comb to detangle my hair.
2. Eliminate stressors from my life.
2. Use my palms and fingers to detangle/comb & smooth my hair.2. I adapted a healthy, nutritious and very delicious diet.
3. Exercise regularly.
4. Cleanse my hair weekly during the winter, drier, low humidity months, using my current hair regimen.
5. Incorporate weekly Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) and Black/Green tea/Coffee rinse to my regimen.
6. Increase my water intake to 64 plus ounces daily.
7. Eat my daily recommended servings of fruits and vegetables using juicing and blending.