It’s My Hair and I’m doing What I Want…

DSC_174836 months 100% natural hair, henna/indigo paste hair dyed, no heat journey and LOVING it.

No weaves, wigs, extensions…all me, all natural. No matter the stages of my hair growth, I hung on in there. Heck yes it was tough, but the alternative was no longer an option. I did so intentionally to force myself, to relearn how to care for my natural hair. I didn’t get a relaxer until the 11th grade in CHS, Ms. Soto’s cosmetology class.

Could I have gotten away with my short natural hair with mini twist while serving in the Army (without prejudice)? Hell nah, so when I retired, I embarked on this journey for ME.

I said all that to say this, if you aren’t enjoying your hair journey (natural, relaxed, locs or otherwise, ask yourself WHY not? Is your hair care and maintenance really about YOU? If not, it should be and there in may be the problem. Yes, get your family, hubby, partner, friends and/or significant other to “buy in” on your decision but to make it work, this experience is and have got to be all about #1…YOU!

If your current hair system isn’t working for you, go back to what you love, where YOU are comfortable. After all, our hair is our crowning beauty.

Keep the questions coming. They give me great content for my blog.

Let’s grow it together…beautiful, healthy, happy hair!

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Retired Army Officer and Certified Fitness Instructor & Personal trainer.
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