Help…It’s winter and my hair and scalp are excessively dry!

Try this…sounds like your scalp needs reinforcing and some TLC, lol. The dryness is normal. The weather is cold and the air dry, with little to no humidity. Here are a few quick tips which I know will help: (1) Reduce use of your cleanser and styling products containing gylcerin, honey and other humectants. They rob our hair of moisture in cold weather. (2) Add a few drops of tea tree oil to your cleanser; massage your scalp well. (3) Include rinsing with ACV, teas and coffee. (4) Moisturize your hair intensely. (5) Conclude your cleansing regimen with oil rinsing. (6) Wash and/or co-wash your hair weekly! In cold and dry air weather, natural hair thirts for WATER. Water is the BEST moisturizer!!!

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2 Responses to Help…It’s winter and my hair and scalp are excessively dry!

  1. Dede says:

    OMGOSH… I finally took all of my braids out and my hair is so DRY…. I most def will be in repair mode tonight… I just need to re-up o my hair products… QT, I will be placing an order shortly… 🙂

    • Got you Dede. Happy Birthday to you hon. It’s time to give your hair some much needed TLC, lol. Never fear, your shipment is on the way! Thank you kindly for your continued patronage.

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