Shea Butter/Coconut Oil Mix

This recipe is one of my secret weapon for maintaining moisture and luster to my hair and body. I apply it to my hair following my leave-in conditioner and before twisting my hair.  It also doubles as a face, body lotion and nail moisturizer. The recipe to simple and can be adjusted to suit how thick or thin you choose  to make the consistency.


– high quality shea butter from a reputable source
– virgin or unrefined coconut oil
– 1 tsp. vitamin E (optional)
– 5 drops essential oil (optional)

You will need:
– quality shea butter and coconut oil,vitamin E, essential oil, mixing/storage container, spatula and mixing spoon

Combine room temperature shea butter, coconut oil and other ingredients in a mixing/storage container and blend well to creamy consistency using a stick/hand mixer or mixing spoon.  Taper quantity to your specifications.

SheaCoconut Mix


2 Responses to Shea Butter/Coconut Oil Mix

  1. Jules says:

    Thanks for the recipe, I’m going to try this adding grape seed oil to make a body butter for my grandson’s eczema…should be fabulous for him…

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