“Kallaloo” Protein Intense Deep Conditioning Pre-poo


Hair “Kallaloo”

**This recipe is NOT recommended for protein sensitive natural hair**

Natural hair protein cravers, here’s an awesome recipe for you…NaturallyFitQt’s “Kallaloo” Protein Intense Deep Conditioning Pre-poo. Sounds interesting?  Read on…

“Kallaloo or callaloo” – a Caribbean soup made with leafy greens, coconut milk, okra, yams, chiles, lime juice and various meat or fish, etc, etc.,…or what I coin, “a mixture of a whole lot of goodness.”

I have quite a few leftover products from my “product junkie” days, which I’ve sworn to making great use of, using my mixologist skills.  The recipe above is loaded with a whole lot of goodness.”  It strengthen and soften my hair strands, cleanse and soften my hair follicles and pack a dynamic moisture intense punch!

Used alone, Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque renders my hair rough and rugged, lol. It greatly expands and lifts my hair cuticles. While the treatment is loaded with protein, it lack conditioning and softening ingredients to return my hair to its strong but smooth and softened texture. Rather than throw it out or give it away, I decided to pH balance a few ingredients (products gathered from my pantry and refrigerator) to get this product to work for me. I do this with all stand alone conditioners lacking conditioning and softening properties.

Step 1 – mix all ingredients in a blender. I use a vitamix which automatically heats my mixtures.

Step 2 – if using a regular blender, heat mixture for 60 – 90 seconds according to your microwave setting.

Step 3 – apply warm mixture to hair, starting at the hair ends and ending at the scalp. Use fingertips not fingernails to thoroughly massage mixture into the scalp.

Step 4 – cover hair with conditioning cap and/or warm towel. Leave covered for 30 – 60 minutes or according to your hair’s *porosity level.

Step 5 – Rinse hair thoroughly and proceed with your normal hair cleansing steps.

*Note:  low porosity hair absorbs products slower than medium to high porosity hair and can withstand product being left on the hair for longer periods of time.  Medium to high porosity hair will “over” condition if treatments are left on too long. This is not good. Over conditioned hair will shed, weaken and break easily. Minimize this action by understanding and knowing your hair’s porosity level—how well your hair absorbs moisture.

Hope this helps.

Do you have a favorable “mix-me-upper” recipe?  If so, please share.


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