African Black Soap Shampoo Mix (sulfate free)

Once you go black (soap), you will never go back (to ordinary shampoo that is)! 

My hair loves this stuff! It’s a miracle cleansing and moisturizer formula in a bottle. This stuff detangles, moisturizes, hydrates, clarifies and softens my tresses without the harmful effects of sulfate. liquefying the soap allows me to add other ingredients and maximize usage.  Black soap in this format, last a loooooooooooong, long time—a little goes a long way. 

Have you ever tried african black soap as a hair cleansing solution/shampoo? Did it work for your hair? Please share your thoughts and/or black soap recipes.


-5 oz 100% Black Soap Bar: (shea butter, osun (carmwood), cocoa pod powder, plantain peel powder, palm kernel oil, coconut oil, water, aloe vera)
-2 Cups Filtered Water
-2 Tbsp. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
-2 Tbsp. Pure Honey (Spring/Summer Recipe only)
-2 Tsp. Vitamin E
-10 drops essential oil of choice (i.e rosemary, lavender, lemon grass, tea tree, lemon, peppermint spearmint,sweet orange, sage, ylang ylang, cinnamon, etc.)

You will need:
-Medium cooking pot, measuring cup, measuring spoon, large glass mixing bowl (optional), mixing spoon, kitchen grater optional), 1-16 oz or 2-8 oz storage bottle(s)

Grate or break black soap bar into pieces and place into large mixing bowl. Bring water to boil, remove water from heat and pour over soap in the bowl  or add soap pieces to pot. Allow the mixture to sit until completely melted and cooled to room temperature.  Add remaining ingredients to cool, room temperature liquid soap mixture and stir well. Some settling will occur so mix well.  Store cold mixture in storage bottle(s).  (Caution: Do not boil soap and water over heat). 


6 Responses to African Black Soap Shampoo Mix (sulfate free)

  1. MsKesia says:

    Hello Q.T, your sister’s hair is absolutely beautiful and i would love for my 23 month daughter to have long pony tails like that!! What would you recommend for me to put on her hair for it to be long and healthy?

    • MsKesia says:

      I meant 23 month old daughter.

    • Hi MsKesia,

      I recommend a weekly, gentle and simple regimen which nourishing her scalp and improve circulation. Keep her hair clean and her ends protected, off her shoulders and from the elements.

      • Patou,
        Honey and essential oils are natural preservatives. My mixtures lasted for months (unrefrigerated) and never went bad. I only made two bottles at a time.

        For added assurance add 1/8 tsp citric acid, a natural preservative to each 1/2 cup of mixture. Citric acid can be found online.

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