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Bottom line up front, (BLUF) as we say in the military, lol—natural hair CANNOT and should not be treated like relaxed hair.

Most non-natural hair stylist/specialist or ordinary folks, are often not familiar with how fragile and delicate natural hair is.  As a result, they tend to tug, pull, snatch and break the hair unnecessary, sometimes pulling and popping long, loose strands of hair from the follicles, the birth place of our hair. This is not all their fault because while the theory of hair growth and care is taught in all cosmetology curriculum, very few hours is spent on caring for natural hair.  This was true for me during my two years of cosmetology training.  We spent the majority of our practical class time working on straight hair manikins and the relaxed hair of each other and zero hours on a textured hair manikin. 

Sad to stay, but there was a huge bias against caring for natural hair in the hair care industry. Very few products excited for Natural beauties. Until recent years, most hair care companies focused on products designed to permanently change the structure of black women and mixed women hair.  Additionally, the increased demand and popularity of wigs, weaves and hair extensions by women of color, caused companies to tailor products designed to archive the European “look.” 

As recent as 2007, the natural hair community took off by storm, with a huge number of black and mixed race women opting to “return natural.” While most chose and are still choosing to return natural voluntarily, others are forced to do so, due to damage suffered from a lack of properly caring for relaxed hair— premature baldness (alopecia), illness, medication, environmental factors, hormonal imbalance, menopause, etc., etc. Consequently, the hair care industry suffered major decline in sales of products designed to permanently straighten black hair and quickly shifted to products designed for natural hair—supply drove demand as in the principle of microeconomics.

Hope this helps.

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