Supercharge Your Metabolism – Put it on “STERIODS”

This info is strictly for those who are VERY serious about weight loss and health and are willing to do what it takes! This information is priceless …read on.

My “Super Boost” takes a major commitment on your part, but it works. It will send your metabolism through the roof! Please keep in mind that you should gradually work up to this frequency and duration of exercise and that you should see your doctor before making any changes in your eating or exercise habits.

Start with a cleanse such as Slim Waist Juicing or Smoothie cleanse.  Add fiber (contained in fruits and vegetables) to your daily diet (a necessity for women). Wear an exercise belt during your daily workout to burn fat while you exercise or sit in the sauna.

Here’s my “Super Boost” in a nutshell…

· Do some type of aerobic exercise (walking, jogging, swimming, stationary cycling, aerobic dancing, step aerobics, elliptical machine, stair master, zumba, etc.,) on a DAILY basis (preferably in the morning & evening) twice a day for 60 minutes!

· Forget this twice-a-week stuff. Your body was designed to be active on a daily basis! When you are, your metabolism will soar!

· Do 60 minutes of aerobic exercise in the morning and 60 minutes in the evening, five days per week. Some people like to do this just before their dinner meal to decrease their appetite, but after dinner is fine too. In the interest of injury prevention and not getting bored with your exercise, try to alternate the type of exercise you do and the type of machine you use. For example, try walking in the morning (60 minutes) and aerobic dance in the evening (60 minutes).

· Incorporate “intervals” into most of your aerobic sessions. Intervals are a powerful tool to help boost your metabolism.

· Tone your muscles with weight training five days per week. Toned muscles supercharge your metabolism! This should be done just after an aerobic exercise session. You should exercise each body part three times per week. For example, work on the lower body on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and the upper body on Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday. This can be accomplished at a gym or at home with a few sets of dumbbells.

· Always eat breakfast! Skipping breakfast sends the message to your body that you’re “starving” because you haven’t had food in 18+ hours (dinner meal one day to lunch meal the following day). As a protective mechanism, your metabolism slows down. Food, especially complex carbohydrates, fuels your metabolism.

· Look for situations to be active. Park as far from the store as you can rather than looking for the closest parking spot. Use the stairs rather than the elevator, a rake rather than a blower, etc. Look for the “hard” way to do things!

Okay, now get movin’ and supercharge that metabolism!

How to lose weight quickly…

To lose weight quickly, never skip a meal. Your first meal after waking and exercising in the morning starts your metabolism. Your metabolism then speeds up for about eight – 12 hours and doesn’t start slowing down until you go to sleep, when it goes to low until you wake and eat to start the cycle again.

Skip breakfast and your metabolism don’t start until lunch time. You’ve just missed three or four hours of fat burning time. When you skip meals during the day, your metabolism also slows down.

Weight loss through the burning of stored fat is all about eating enough of the right kinds of foods so you stay full and your metabolism stays as high as possible. Remember, if you feel hungry to the point where you have a headache, your metabolism slowed down.

Stay full with healthy, non-fattening foods and your metabolism will continue to burn your stored fat as fast as your body will allow and while you are asleep!

So there you have it!  That’s my secret for speedy up my metabolism.

Best wishes,

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