Toddler Deja Hair Regimen

One of my most FAQ is “…Cutie, my young daughter is natural and I trying really hard not to chemically change her hair. Do you have any recommendations for caring for my daughter’s hair?”

Yes, yes, yes I have a solution for your.  Take a look at my home girl, classmate and “hair twin” Dianne Malone’s simple, yet very effective toddler’s hair regimen.

Cutie:  “Do you enjoy caring for and maintaining Deja’s hair?”

Dianne: ” Yes! I enjoy doing her hair.  “D” was my #1 reason for cutting my relaxed hair and starting my natural hair journey (NHJ). It’s never a chore. Her twist can look a hot mess during the week sometimes, but I’m all about low manipulation, so re-doing her edges, moisturizing and ‘up- in- a- bun’ (style) is my rescue system.”

Read on to learn more about Dianna’s simple toddler hair regimen:

by Dianne H. Malone My toddler daughter Deja is almost three (3) years LC. Toddlers with 4b – 4c texture hair can grow. It’s not about having “good breed.”  It’s about implementing a proper hair care and simple hair regimen.  This is how it’s done: Deja’s Hair Regimen (Done in sections):

  1. Pre-po with coconut oil
  2. Wash with OYIN honey wash
  3. Condition with Giovanni Deep Conditioner
  4. T-shirt blot
  5. Apply leave-in
  6. Twist with Shea Butter

**Repeat this every 4 weeks** Routine Tasks:

  1. Oil scalp daily with Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO).
  2. Moisturize daily with water spritz, shea butter and oyin burnt sugar.
  3. At two (2) weeks post twist: cowash (using a moisture intense/moisturizing hair conditioner or a sulfate-free conditioning cleanser to wash and cleanse her hair and scalp).
  4. Apply leave in and re-twist edges.
  5. Her ends are also dusted (trimmed) when needed.

Note: “I discovered that her edges are sensitive to cornrows, so I don’t cornrow her edges often. Two-strand twists are my go-to staple style.  Since this past summer, I’ve only use a comb in her hair to make parts or straight lines.  I also finger detangle her hair only; no comb.”

Deja’s twist-out pic with Mommy:


Toddler Deja with Mom Dianne

Do you have a question for Dianne? Please ask her or comment below.  Hope this helps.

4 Responses to Toddler Deja Hair Regimen

  1. Bridget says:

    What is cowash? I see that have been popping up a lot

    • Bridget, cowash or cowashing is using a moisture intense/moisturizing hair conditioner or a sulfate-free conditioning cleanser to wash and cleanse the hair and scalp. Sulfate is present in most commercial shampoos. It is the ingredient which causes foaming action. However, when used on natural hair, it strips the hair of its natural oils and moisture and causes the hair to be stiff, hard, dry and dull which in turn leads to hair breakage and negative hair GROWTH! Using a moisturizing conditioner or cleanser, protects natural hair from the negative effects of a sulfate containing shampoo. Check your shampoo ingredient list for the presence of sulfate. You can also purchase sulfate-free shampoo products. Hope this helps.

  2. nikki says:

    How exactly do you pre-poo with coconut oil?

    • Prior to shampooing, cleansing or co-washing, (1) moisten sectioned hair with light mist of water from a spray water bottle, (2) apply coconut oil to hair sections and finger detangle or use a “wet” detangle brush to loosen knots and shed hair, (3) cover hair with a conditioning cap and/or warm towel; let sit for 30 – 45 minutes. (4) Proceed with wash routine as normal.

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