Exercise to Save Your Life!

Engagement wrist band

Engagement wrist band

So I got engaged yesterday!

…j/k…But now that I have your attention, let’s talk high blood pressure. On Monday, I made a routine visit to my military primary medical care provider (all is well…I went to see her to get the wheels rolling on another issue). In preparation for my visit (late morning), I showered using lukewarm water, drank 20 ounces of cool water, make no phone calls prior to my appointment and got to the hospital 30 minutes ahead of schedule.

Why did I do all this? Prior to leaving the military, I was diagnosed with pre-hypertension. I know this was due largely to my occupation and high stress career field (information technology). Of all the ailments sustained over 22 1/2 years, high blood pressure was one I refused to claim! This illness is a silent and very deadly killer—especially among African Americans. Left untreated, you will suffer an early demised. Showering in warm to cool water and drinking cool to cold water lowers blood pressure. Skipping the phone call eliminated me getting overly excited about a topic and raising my heart rate and pressure. Arriving early lowered my pulse and heart rate to resting, eliminating the fight or flight syndrome.

While, none of us know when our time on this earth will come, give yourself a fighting chance to survive a tragic illness or injury. Most people expire on the operating table because of their body’s inability to FIGHT, to live, to survive. This is largely due to poor health.

Monday’s blood pressure reading was 123-70. This is why I exercise. I exercise to feel great! I exercise for my health! I exercise to maintain a high quality of life!

So a friend said to me last week…”you and the GYM married, I must be the side piece.” Too funny. The truth is I work from home which requires a lot of disciple. I spent a lot of time at the gym for three reasons: (1) health (2) to give back and (3) so I’m not home sleeping, lol. It’s easy to fall asleep in a nice cozy spot, lol.

I don’t ever see myself getting married but if I do, he’ll definitely have to love fitness as much as I do. He’s got to me a GYM ADDICT, lol.

Have a wonderful day and God bless!

But seriously, at the conclusion of yesterday’s workout, my gym partner/trainer walked me to my car, told me to hold my arm out, placed this beautiful handmade wristband on my wrist and asked, “…will you marry me.” I told him that I was old fashioned and that he had to get on one knee, lol.

This beautiful gift was hand crafted for me by the gym manager’s daughter. The color pink represents happiness and blue is my favorite color.

I love it! What a beautiful gesture.

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