Cutie’s Top Ten Tips For Healthy Hair Growth

Essential Task Hair Tip

Essential Task Hair Tip

FYI:  To avoid breakage, kinky, coiling, curly hair is naturally DRY and must be handled with extreme care.  Commercially coloring your hair will further accelerate natural hair dryness and roughness, thus preventing your hair cuticles from closing.  Pay special attention to your hair ends, especially if your hair is commercially colored.  I colored my hair honey blond four weeks after my big chop.  The look was cute but the texture of my hair changed from silky smoothness to unnecessary roughness, lol.  I immediately discovered that my staple products no longer worked for my hair. I wasn’t having it, lol. Fortunately, my hair was very short allowing me to shave off the blond color and start over.

If your primary reason for coloring your hair to “cover the gray,” research HENNA or henna/indigo to see if it’s a fit for you.

  1. Adapt a simple hair regimen; cleanse, deep condition, moisturize, seal in moisture, protect, trim & eat clean. Select the right products for your hair type, a specific wash day; wash hair weekly/bi-weekly.  Remember, the best moisturizer for natural hair is WATER so feed it water to add moisture.  View your wash days as a treat vs a chore; look forward to  your wash day.
  2. Learn the basics of pH balancing and its effect on the hair. This will help with proper product selection and show you how to close your hair cuticle after each wash to ensure proper moisture retention.  Use the LOC – (liquid, oil, cream) or the LCO – liquid, cream oil method to moisturize, seal or lock in moisture and style your hair.
  3. NEVER rush your hair day; clip and file your finger nails to prevent pulling, snagging or breaking the hair; untangle hair knot thoroughly using a conditioner or oil to avoid hair snagging, breakage or busting up of your hair.
  4. Use products that response well to YOUR hair texture and the climate that you live in. The right product will leave your hair moisturized, silky soft and smooth every time.  Understand the effects of humectants on your hair. Be sure to add the right protein/moisture balance. Water is the BEST moisturizer.  Spritz hair daily using water/oil mixture.
  5. Always test new product on clean, freshly washed/cleansed hair.  Eat, take, juice or smoothie your vitamins and minerals intake; increase your water intake; exercise regularly.
  6. Pre-poo before you shampoo/co-wash your hair; use your fingers to properly detangle your hair and knots. Use your finger tips, not your nails to massage cleansers and oils into scalp.
  7. Wash hair in manageable sections and further detangle with your fingers or (a wide tooth comb).
  8. Fortify, strengthen and thoroughly cleanse your hair and scalp by washing frequently, using coffee and/or tea rinses, mud washes and apple cider vinegar solutions to thorough remove oily build-up from your scalp and hair.
  9. Use protective styles to deter “hand-in-hair or head” syndrome. Set your hair and forget it.  Low hair manipulation is vital to healthy hair growth. Avoid messing with your hair daily.  This will not magically grow it.
  10. Embrace YOUR hair texture.  Fall in love with your hair; avoid hair envy, this will affect your pocket. Find a “curlfriend,” someone with similar texture and share advice.   When selecting products, learn from Youtubers, vbloggers or other naturals with similar hair texture/type. Take pics to document your hair progress and review them frequently to gain encouragement. Eat clean, exercise and drink lots of water.  Avoid stress at all cost; eliminate the stress from your life!

Come on ya’ll….let’s grow it together!

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