Beanie Caps & Earrings

There are times when I need to run a few  errands but don’t feel like or have the time to perfect my hair.  Can you relate to this?  I had a hard time finding a beanie cap that fit.  I found a black beanie at Target and wore it to shred.  It was time to made my own. Then came Youtuber tjw1963 to the rescue. I hadn’t done it in years but Teresa’s tutorials are straight forward and easy to follow (like riding a bike, you never forget).  I learned how to crochet in the fifth grade.  Mrs. Jacob, a custodial work at my elementary school, taught anyone who wanted  to learn during lunch, at the merry-go-round under the tree. Thank you Mrs. Jacob. You taught me a skill for life!

Earrings inspired by YouTuber MsVCharles.


Hand crafted by Cutie





My Beanie Cap Collection

Inspired by YouTuber MsVCharles







Hand crafted by Cutie


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