Sauna Suit Top

If you’re a “henna head,” you can relate to this post. It’s often said that hennaing your hair is a rewarding but messy process. Lets just say that my first henna conditioning treatment application was messy!  Upon conclusion, I loved the results but had made a big mess with as much product on neck and t-shirt as was in my hair!  I got to thinking,  there’ had to be a simpler more efficient way to apply henna. Trust me, henna stains.  Left uncovered, you will have discolored hands, clothing and floor.

A month had passed and it was time for my next application. A few solutions came to mind–such as, covering up in large trash bag or apply the mixture while standing in the shower.  What’s a girl to do?  

Suddenly I was in luck! While getting something from my laundry room, I glanced up and hanging very neatly from my laundry storage shelf was my sauna suit.  I hadn’t worn that thing in ages.  I took it off the hangers, put it on, draped an old Army brown t-shirt around my neck, got some gloves, covered the floor with old newspaper and I was good-to-go (G2G).

I’ve mastered the application process, having used henna for a sometime now.   My sauna top is great for use during working out and henna application!

How do you cover up before hennaing?  Please shape.




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