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Help…It’s winter and my hair and scalp are excessively dry!

Try this…sounds like your scalp needs reinforcing and some TLC, lol. The dryness is normal. The weather is cold and the air dry, with little to no humidity. Here are a few quick tips which I know will help: (1) … Continue reading

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Health & Hair Tip: Alopecia

Health & Hair Tip: Alopecia is a partial or complete loss of hair. It can be caused by severe stress, skin disease, excessive sunlight, thyroid imbalance, excessive sex hormones, or strong chemical, such as those used for cancer treatment or … Continue reading

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Exercise to Save Your Life!

So I got engaged yesterday! …j/k…But now that I have your attention, let’s talk high blood pressure. On Monday, I made a routine visit to my military primary medical care provider (all is well…I went to see her to get … Continue reading

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Hair Growth Cycles (part 1)

Hi Beauties…how is everyone doing?  I just wanted to share that this past Sunday was my NOW weekly wash day.  I’m now washing my hair weekly because of the change in weather/low to zero humidity (winter/colder/dry air months).  I’m also … Continue reading

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