My Journey…

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This blog chronicles some of the tricks and tips that I’ve learned along the ways in achieving my fitness and natural hair goals. My intent is to share some of the practices that work for me. My solutions may or may not work for you. I made a few mistakes in the beginning and want to share my lessons learned. Hopefully some of the information found here will be of help to you and you can share your best practices with me.

Special thanks to the natural hair community vloggers on YouTube. I’ve learned a lot from them. In the end, I went back to the basics.

Disclaimer: All opinions expressed here are that of my own, backed by years of research. Ms. QtProducts mentioned, were purchased with my money for personal use. I am not being paid to review or endorse a specific product or brand. If a product is mentioned here, it is safe to assume that I bought it and LOVED it.


20 Responses to My Journey…

  1. Beverley Browne-Hines says:

    I placed my order on Friday 2/22 and I recieved confirmation that my order was shipped on Saturday 2/23. OMG, today is Monday 2/25 and I recieved my package today!!! This is what I call prompt and efficient customer service!

  2. Trenia or pinki says:

    Qt, I would like to order some of your products. Can I purchase the items with a money order? Your hair is beautiful. Pinki

  3. Alicia A. George says:

    Hey Cutie what is the site for your products?

  4. Shenneth Phillip-Horne says:

    I received my package of the shampoo, growth oil, deep conditioner and shea butter and I’m very much satisfied. I used the products for the first time and boy oh boy I’m in love. As I used the deep conditioner, I felt a tingling sensation on my scalp right away which tells me It’s really working. It also left my hair super soft and very easy to manage.

    My favorite is the Shea butter. I really think my daughter likes it more than I do. The sweet, soft, smelling scent alone makes you want to use the whole jar at once. It quenched my skin and hair to the point where I can go throughout the course of the day without using any other form of moisturizer. Thank you Qt and I’m looking forward to ordering more of your products soon.

    Shenneth aka Vincia.
    A very satisfied customer.

  5. Tanya W. says:

    HI Cutie my love, I would love to get some of your products for my daughter. How and where can I get them. Please note I’m still using johnson & johnson baby shampoo.

  6. Cleopatra says:

    Qt, hi there – is it worth it to buy a heautiful steamer for treatment of hair?

    • Cleopatra, Oil rinsing and hair steaming will do your hair good especially in the dry air months. You don’t need an expensive hair steamer to get the JOB done!!! Use the tools you have to properly care for your hair. I personally refrain from endorsing products that I don’t own. Check with Dianne. She owns a heautiful steamer. I return mine because the hood didn’t fully cover my entire head, especially the back. I converted the use of my personal face steamer and tabletop hair dryer to a DIY steamer. I’ll post a pic in the group. Most of the time however, because of my frequent use of the sauna, I steam by hair regularly during my sauna use.

  7. I Love Love Love Your Products Cutie…My Favorite is the Deep Condish and the SheaButter…Best Shea Mix I have seen! But all are amazing!

    The VI Loves You! #VIBeauty

    Cliaunjel Williams,
    (Miss St.Croix 2012-2013)

    • Hi Cliaunjel (Queen)! I appreciated the feedback. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

      I love my island home (St. Croix) and appreciate my island beauties!
      #ProudVirginIslander…St. Croix full ah pure vibes…so nice, so NICE!

  8. Janice Sutton says:

    Hi Cutie,
    I have been two months since i started to use your products on mine and my daughters her. I have to say that I have seen a great difference it much healthier, fuller and shiner. Thank you so much for all the great products and tips to make having naturally hair easier to maintain and look fabulous.


    • Hi Janice, thank you kindly for the feedback. I’m indeed humbled to hear that my products serves your family well. I appreciate your continued patronage. Your results will be even better at the 90 day mark. Let’s continue to grow it!!!

  9. joyce favors says:

    Hi I’m a friend to Shamika ur cuz. I want to sign up for ur website. Brenda

  10. Kim says:

    First thing first, Qt has officially made the new crack for my hair. The first time I tried the bundle set it sent my hair to the Islands. My hair is very thick which is a good thing. Before Qt my hair was dry and today I must say it is where it needs to be in regards to moisture. Qt’s products does not leave your hair feeling oily. My hair has risen from the dead. I have tried shea moisture and it does not come close to Qt. I will post pics of my before and after really soon.

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